The Weighted Blanket Project is dedicated to making weighted blankets, lap pads and fidgets for people who are on the autism spectrum. Our mission is to serve people in our area who might not otherwise be able to have a weighted blanket. We use 100% cotton and flannel fabric that is filled with poly- pellets. These items can be washed and dried.

Many find comfort from the blanket's weight. Research has shown that this weight releases serotonin, which in turn releases melatonin. The melatonin tells the brain to relax and fall asleep. Parents report that their child slept better from the first night they had their blanket. The lap pads and fidgets are smaller. They work well in the car, at church, in the doctor's office or in the classroom.

The Weighted Blanket Project does not charge for these items. We do accept donations, and 100% of all donations go toward making more blankets for people. We happily accept fabric donations.

To contact us, please email

Pannay Guigley, WBP Founder
Dorothy Bundy, WBP Administrator